Monday, June 25, 2012

Banished Force ROCKS!

Let's take a collective step into Germany and meet the should-be-renowned group of thrashers called BANISHED FORCE.

These dudes play speedy old-school thrash stocked with so many killer riffs that you need to wear a neck brace as a precaution to getting your head ripped the hell off.

If you can find it, check out their 2009 slamming album titled Alienation. Songs like Insane, Thrashers in Uniform, Life in Haze, and Load the Flak are pieces of pure thrash worship done right. Banished Force's guitar work, forceful vocals, and raw sound are undiluted in their mission to thrash hard. That's all well and good, but the main draw for me is that the songs have all traces of tedium cut out to keep the music racing at a cut-throat pace.

Believe me, I don't mind well thought-out pieces of drawn-out prog thrash, but sometimes I just want the music to deliver a swift kick in the ass. Banished Force manages to do that over and over again within each song.

They have an upcoming album titled Greed that should be out…soon, I hope. I can only imagine these guys will continue the onslaught they started with Alienation.

Check out the mass of streaming vids below and then hit Banished Force up here and here.

METAL! \m/

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