Friday, June 24, 2011

Tantara ROCKS!

Here is a band that is going to be a major force in the NWOTM. Bold statement? Yes, and admittedly part of that stems from my own personal bias as a fan of Tantara. However, this old-school flavored thrash band from Norway seriously has a knack for writing killer songs that could put a little fire in the belly of your average metal fan.

When I listen to their Human Mutation EP, as well as their available demo songs on Tantara's Facebook page, I am amazed that they were written by a group of 17 and 18 year-olds. Yes, I know most NWOTM bands have members of similar age, but it's the feeling and dynamics of their songs that shows how much Tantara understands what the hell they're doing when constructing some mosh-worthy tunes.

Their influences consist of the who's-who of old-school thrash and power metal, such as Testament, Vio-lence and Judas Priest. Tantara manages to capture a bit of the magic of what made those original bands rock so hard and inject it into their songwriting.

Killer riffs and well-orchestrated solos abound, I can't help but to keep their tunes in my regular listening rotation of new metal bands.

Oh, yeah. Another item I must mention to back up my previously made bold statement: Legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen is working with Tantara on their debut album which they will begin recording soon. I can't wait to hear it.

Listen to Negligible Souls and then go to their Facebook page to hear the rest. Official site here.

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