Friday, June 3, 2011

More music! Hellbrain, D.N.R., and Bludvera!

Hellbrain from Genève play a combination of thrash, death, and everything in between, to create a vicious form of music with layers upon layers of intensity. Switching from headbanging fury to industrial-precision gallops to groove-based death 'n' roll, Hellbrain seem to have their work cut out for them when writing songs.

There seems to be a lot involved, but the songs are far from disjointed. Hellbrain guides the listener through a labyrinth of sonic fury, extended beyond traditional death or thrash metal, yet firmly rooted in within the genres.

Hellbrain might not be for everyone, but those looking for a switch-up from the typical while maintaining the heaviness, give 'em a try.

Listen to a couple of their tunes and then check out Hellbrain here.

For those who don't like their thrash mixed with the flavors of hardcore and 90s-flavored stomp will probably streer clear of Brazil's D.N.R., but only doing so to their own detriment. Too bad, because D.N.R. plays some crushingly heavy music that most fans of hardcore-laden death and thrash would embrace.

The band claims influences such as Machine Head, Napalm Death, and Brazil's own R.D.P., so if any of this appeals to you, by all means, check 'em out. If not, check 'em out anyway - you might accidently like something.

Note: The lyrics are all in Portuguese, but it didn't bother me at all. Eu gosto! Muito legal.

Listen and then go here for more on D.N.R.!

On the more traditional front, we have Liverpool's Bludvera. Drawing from their influence of old-school monsters including the gamut of both Bay Area and German bands, Bludvera keep their thrash pure, fast and heavy.

Songs such as Maniac and Total Recall contain killer riffs, fist-waving gang shouts, and pit-worthy moments that bring to mind Vio-lence and Bonded by Blood.

Bludvera are supposed to be working on new stuff now and I'm excited to hear it. Meanwhile, take a listen to Maniac and then head over to their website and download their demo for freaking FREE!


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