Sunday, June 19, 2011

D.R.I. logo love

I have always been attracted to the D.R.I. skanking guy logo. Not in a sexual way, I just always thought the logo mark freaking ruled.

The many times I spent in high school sketching band logos on my notebooks, the D.R.I. logo was always one of them, and I still think it's bad ass to this very day.

Apparently, I am not the only one who shares this belief.

When checking the stats for my blog traffic, at least five times a week someone finds my blog by searching for D.R.I.'s logo. Believe me that I get a lot of hits from folks looking for various thrash metal logos, but the search for the D.R.I. logo alone surpasses them all.

In fact, I can guarantee that many people will find this particular post via a "D.R.I. logo" Google search. Let me say, "Greetings, fellow D.R.I. logo lover! After you save the logo to your hard drive, please come back and roam the posts for some NWOTM love."

Although I have my own thoughts on what makes the D.R.I. logo so popular with those "in the know." The skanking stick figure encased within a circle is legendary in thrash lore. The logo is iconic, striking, easily recognizable. It has universal thrash appeal.

Think about it. If you went to a record store and hanging on the wall over a batch of vinyl or CDs was the D.R.I. logo, you would KNOW that pile of music is full of thrashy goodness.

If you passed a club while driving down the street and the only sign they had above their entrance door was the D.R.I. logo, you would KNOW what kind of music plays there (and then you would proceed to get an event calendar for upcoming shows).

The skanking guy symbol SAYS thrash. It inevitably catches the eye of all those who love the genre, even if you really don't like D.R.I. (for shame).

So, fellow skanking guy symbol fans: Why do you love it so much? Nostalgia? It's meaning? Looks good on a button? What does it mean to you?


  1. For me, it's an association with early discovery of hardcore rock and roll. We were on a family vacation near Philly - definitely more urban than my normal surroundings - walked into a fast food joint and the stereotypical rock dude was at the counter ahead of us. Motorcycle boots, aviators, B.O. - and best of all, a huge DRI logo on the back of a denim jacket and a buxom woman on his arm. A notorious record-store lurker, I knew where to find that logo and decided right then and there that if it led to his lifestyle, I wanted it. Next chance I got, ran to Record Town and handed over my lawn-mowing money for 4 of a Kind. I was convinced the logo would be my first tattoo at age 18 (never did happen). I veered off into M.O.D. and then got stuck in punk eventually for some time but DRI - and especially their logo - have always been close to the heart of my musical memory. So glad to know I'm not alone!

  2. DRI logo search lead to here. Just seen it on all the street kids spike leather jackets, considering getting it tattoed even if dri is not all that special to me love the trash appeal, the running man looks like the shit

  3. Its all about the music behind it from the 80's. For me that symbol and D.R.I WAS THRASH! Still LOVE it all these years later. Going to see them in Ventura CA next Tuesday!

  4. DRI logo search led me here, as well. I can't really quantify it, but I've loved that logo since the first time I saw it. I even painted it on my bedroom wall, directly above my bed, when I was in my early teens.


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