Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fatal Demise ROCKS!

What we have here, my fellow thrashers, is a bona fide diamond in the rough. What I mean is this: Michigan's FATAL DEMISE is already a freaking diamond, heard through an extremely rough-cut demo.

The bonus is that the demo sounds good enough to hear this band shine. Since I began the NWOTM blog I have heard a lot of good thrash, but Fatal Demise is one band that makes me foam at the mouth in anticipation of what a clean and heavy production could do for their songs.

I hate to sound like I am knocking these guys, because that is certainly not the case. Fatal Demise cranks out some straight-forward, balls-out thrash metal, and I love it.

What I like about their song writing is that you can feel when the riffs will change from fast paced to a heavy as hell half-time and then back to a mid-paced headbanging assault, leaving a satisfying teeth-grinding smile on the listener's crazed face. Such dynamics can make or break a thrash song, but Fatal Demise has nearly mastered the technique.

Will you find groundbreaking originality here? No, but the music is groundbreaking in the sense that I want to stomp holes in my floor when I listen to it. Does that count?

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  1. These guys are the real deal. Someone sign these guysss!!!!!!

  2. Amazing band. Its unreal these guys aren't rolling around city to city on a tour bus yet lol keep it up!

  3. This is some sick shit and I agree totally with ya

  4. They are REALLY awesome man. Also def, and def check out : warpath, havok and hatchet. will not regret.


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