Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More thrash! Sentenced on Sunday, Magnetron, Ruppthritis, Mortal Mess

These posts where I list three or four bands to check out will eventually become a weekly feature. The post will be called the Weekend Breakdown and will feature a list of bands to add to your thrash arsenal.

Hopefully, I can get that rolling within the next couple of weeks. So, until then, let's get on with the thrash!

Chicago, IL seems to be a breeding ground for great metal and Sentenced On Sunday are thrashing it up with the best of 'em. This is relentless, pounding metal helped along by the jack-hammering double bass drumming skills of Toby Nickles. SOS's music is equivalent to getting shoved into a barrel and rolled down a steep rocky hill. It'll beat the hell out you and you'll thank them for it.

Check out their song Predator. Facebook page here.

Killer fast deathrash from the Netherlands who pack hard-hitting metal with furious drums and fist-raising gang vocals. These guys just recorded a new album and I am more than anxious to hear it. MAGNETRON!!!

Check out their tune Born Witless. Facebook page here.

This Balwin, NY band add many flavors to their metal. It's thrash with hints of traditional metal, groove, and hard rock. Ruppthritis have truly inspired moments of killer riffage that keep the songs fresh and interesting.

Check out their tune and then check them out here.

Another Chicago, IL band, Mortal Mess creates chugging metal with raw punk sensibilities. I can't say enough about how the riffs on here simply freaking rock. Simple and dynamic, the music has the listener nodding along with a pissed sneer on the face.

Listen and then Facebook 'em here.


  1. Hey man, it might not mean much, but i just wanna say i've followed your blog since 2010 and i fucking love it. It's one of the blog i frequent every day for updates and i'm eager to see new posts with upcoming bands or things you write, excellent stuff.

    Keep it up, thrash til death.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it means a lot to me to know that the blog is appreciated by fans of thrash metal! I write this stuff as a fan of thrash and since the music has given me so much, I just want to give a little back, you know? :)

    Also, thanks for checking in regularly. I'm going to try and keep this beast rolling!

    Take care, brother.


  3. Magnetron was awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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