Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mantic Ritual awakens. Stay AWAKE!!

Good ol' "Japan" Nick Perkel brought a bit of news to the forefront with this article. All I have to say is MANTIC RITUAL is BACK, baby!

Okay…okay, I need to take it down a notch. I'm just excited. So far, they are reforming to play this year's Thrasho De Mayo in Los Angeles. That's all, it seems. Sorry. So sorry.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

You see, Mantic Ritual should afford the possibility of this little get-together to become a full-fledged reunion. Why? Because back in 2009, they released the stellar thrash album Executioner, and then let that Perkel jerk see them live on three different occasions before slowly falling apart.

What I'm trying to say, other than being jealous of anyone fortunate enough to see them on tour, is that their first album was a solid and slamming stepping stone to something earth-shattering - and I wanna HEAR it.

So enough of this not-yet realized fabled modern thrash classic which dances around in my dreams like a treasure of shining brilliance I cannot embrace! Album #2 needs to happen, dammit!


  1. I hope it's full on reunion complete with a brand new album and extensive touring.

    I was supposed to see these guys with Destruction at The Chance in Poughkeepsie New York however the band got thrown off the bill for some stupid reason. I never had a chance to see them again.

    1. I'm with you -- full on reunion! I wish they would post some updates!

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