Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New song from ESSENCE - Fractured Dimension!!

Danish thrash masters ESSENCE released a new lyric video for their new tune Fractured Dimension.

I am a huge fan of Essence's album Lost in Violence, and I'm positive their upcoming release Last Night of Solace will not suck.

Fractured Dimension is a promising peek, layered with all kinds of thrashing goodies - driving riffs, spot-on guitar work, and Lasse Skov's unmistakable vocals.

The ONLY thing that took me out of the song was how similar the opening verse riff brings to mind the verse riff to Tantara's Negligible Souls. I seriously doubt this was a "rip-off" of sorts, and that's where the similarities end. It still kicks magnitudes of ass.

Check out the tune below, hit them up on Facebook here, and pre-order the album on iTunes!

I'm looking forward to March 29th to get my order in for Last Night of Solace! ESSENCE!!!


  1. Umm, ya, that is not even close to sucking. It's freaking awesome!! It is different than the debut, as they illuded to. But, it's all thrash, and still as catchy as hell. The riffs are killer, and his vocals are mint! Pre-ordering now!

  2. Yep it's Essence and yep it kills. I do miss Nefer's bass playing though. And it's impossible for them to have ripped off Tantara, the album was recorded early last year, before the Tantara album was released.

  3. Well, I'm getting my ass kicked by Last night of Solace as I type!! I was downloading "Bad Seed Rising" From itunes, and it that album was down on the list, I was like what the fu-man chu? Then I was like, oh........... I see, 11pm my time is April 9th somewhere. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's really good! And, Nefer's bass is deff. Noticable as missing. But, it is still an equally excellent album. His vocals are almost identical, but I can really hear a perfect mix of Kreator and Death in them this time around.

    Rock on


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