Thursday, February 21, 2013

Striking Beast ROCKS!


I love finding gems like this while roaming the thrash channels of the internet.

Here we have STRIKING BEAST, a new thrash band out of Poland who just released their 4-song EP titled Nuclear Genocide.

Striking Beast fished amongst the rivers of thrash metal clichés, reeling in song titles such as Toxic Injection and Alcoholic Assault, which admittedly had me check them out in the first place. Clichés don't bother me. Crappy music does. Thankfully, Striking Beast wraps those "Pizza Thrash" titles around some kick-ass, crushing thrash f'n METAL!

The music is tight and in your face, offering up sharp riffs that are not only interesting and well-executed, but they end up serving their intended purpose: thrash your freakin' NECK.

Yes, their songs rock, and you have no excuse to NOT check 'em out since Striking Beast is offering Nuclear Genocide up as a FREE download. Oh, and also because I am posting all of the EP's song below.

So listen below, download the EP here, and then go tell the band "THANKS, GUYS" on their Facebook page.

If any band has hit the ground running, it's Striking Beast. Bad-ASS!!

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