Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tantara bassist quits! Max, we hardly knew ye...

So one of my absolute favorite NWOTM bands has lost its bassist.

Max Ejaxx, bass master for the thrash titans TANTARA has decided to exit the band. Apparently, his heart lies in other types of art other than thumping the rhythm strings. Sez Max on the Tantara Facebook page:

"I want to thank everyone of you for supporting, listening, banging your head and drinking to Tantara. For all the smiles, fists and thrashing heads I've seen on our shows over the past two years.
It has been a great experience for me. Recording the debut album and being a part of it all was amazing. I'll never forget it.

The reason for this message is this.. I have come to the decision to leave the band. It's a tough one for me, but it's for the best. I want to focus on art and other stuff right now. Being a musician is just a hobby for me at the moment.

The guys in Tantara respects my decision and I am still up for playing on the coming shows until they find a new bassist.

Looking forward to seeing the future of the band from another perspective and I promise you... the next album is going to be insane. Herregud."

Usually, losing a band member can be a frightening prospect, especially if the loss alters the band's sound in any way. I mean, if the band sucks donkeys, then maybe a change is for the better. However, Tantara doesn't suck donkeys, or any other animal for that matter. So, considering Tantara has put together some modern classic thrash tunes, here's hoping that the change won't kill the chemistry within the band, thus putting a damper on the songwriting.

As hungry as these guys are, I believe a new bassist (a new LUCKY bassist) will be found and Tantara will be just as strong as ever, cranking out the promised "insane" album we are clamoring for.

So now, the question will be…who will become the new bassist for TAN-f'n-TARA?!


Probably not, but I'm sure it will be someone great. Now scroll down and thrash.

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