Friday, February 15, 2013

New unreleased Slayer song "Necrotizing Fasciitis"?! No, but this is funny.

Ever since Jeff Hanneman and the disease necrotizing fasciitis became intertwined for metal fans who leave their passionate opinions on the online metal forums, people have been clamoring for SLAYER to write a song titled after the skin-rotting affliction.

Well, someone took the idea into their own hands and produced a very Slayer-esque effort to inject a little humor into a very serious disease. Behold the "Rare New Unreleased Slayer song" Necrotizing Fasciitis!

As of this writing I don't know what band put this together, but damn, the guy really sounds like Tom Araya!

Listen, have a laugh at the rather juvenile humor, and still give off some good vibes to our man Hanneman for a full recovery. He is needed in the REAL Slayer!


  1. This is some fucked up and totally awesome shit right here!

  2. Speaking of Slayer, Lombardo and Slayer are having some quarrels...


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