Friday, March 2, 2012

Thrashline: News and music from Crusher, Nuclear Omnicide, Tuck From Hell, and MORE!

Let's start this weekend's post with a bang! On a recent thrash search, I came across CRUSHER, a monster of a thrash band out of the Ukraine. Some of you may have already heard their album Endless Torment from Metal Scrap Records, but those of you who are not privy to their sound, check them out and be slammed by some old-school thrash worship.

Songs such as Living For… and S(k)atanic Ride are full-on scorchers of road burn METAL! With songs such as Politishit, Crusher keeps the tunes interesting by throwing in pounding riffs and left field dynamics.

I want to make a ton of puns about how Crusher's music will CRUSH your head in, but I won't. Instead I will state that Crusher is a very impressive group of thrashers who will SMASH your face in! See how different that was?

Watch their vid, listen to their tune and then hit them up on Facebook!



Hey, congratulations to Finland's NUCLEAR OMNICIDE! This young band inked a deal with with the mighty EBM Records and will have a new album out sometime this year. I can't believe they are all under the age of 20. Frickin' prodigies.

Anyway, in case you missed my tiny-ass mention I made about them in one of last month's Weekend Breakdown posts, check out the killer tune below. Afterward, if you are so inclined, hit them up on Facebook and ask them, "Are you one of the thrash bands that have 'Nuclear' in your name?"

The guys in Nuclear Omnicide, just as the guys in the bands Nuclear Assault, Nuclear Torment, Nuclear Sentence, Nuclear Wasteland, Nuclear Monstrosity, Nuclear Theatre, Nuclear Decay, Nuclear Nature, Nuclear Tempest, Nuclear Vomit, Nuclear Winter, Nuclear Desolation, Nuclear Frost, Nuclear Age, Nuclear Disorder, Holocausto Nuclear, Nuclear Decadence, Nuclear Gore, Nuclear Sushi, Nuclear Chaos, Everyday Nuclear Demonstration, Comando Nuclear, Among Nuclear Winter, Nuclear Scorn, Nuclear Agony, Nuclear Decimation, Nuclear Applepants, Nuclear Danger, Nuclear Collision, Nuclear WarMachine, Abismo Nuclear, Nuclear Infection, Nuclear Sarcophagus Politics, Nuclear Panda, Nuclear Waste, Nuclear Sun Rise, Diarrea Nuclear, Nuclear Brains, Nuclear Scum, Nuclear Warheads, Nuclear Beast, Nuclear Skull, Nuclear Funeral, Nuclear Pizza Party, Energy Nuclear, Nuclear Infantry, Nuclear Fight, Nuclear Genocide, Nuclear Clown, Nuclear Scars, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Death, Nuclear Devastation, Nuclear Disaster, Nuclear Hell, Abismo Nuclear, Nuclear Aggressor and Nuclear would all answer "Yes, we are!"


Speaking of NUCLEAR, have you heard their killer cover of Slayer's Silent Scream? So I assume these guys whip this cover out when the one or two drunk dudes in the audience inevitably yell, "SLAAAAYER!" They now need to learn Children of the Cult for the many times folks in the audience yell, "INSINNERATOR!" It happens.


LA thrashers SCYTHE have released their new song End of Days. This song will be one of the tracks on the new Scythe album Defying To Exist to be released on March 6th! For more details, hit them up on Facebook. Meanwhile, check out the new tune below.


Another killer release on March 6th will be physical copies of Transcending Reality, the debut EP from TESTIMONY! Once Tuesday rolls around, those interested in snatching up a copy need to head on over to Testimony's Bigcartel site. Why? Because that's where you buy it, man. That's where you buy it.


St. Paul crossover heroes IN DEFENCE are presently on tour, violating the southern U.S. with their pizza-hating shenanigans (and music playing). If you are in their path, make your way to the venue and have a killer time.


On April 27th, NoiseArt Records are kicking out a re-release of Fueled By Fire's second album Plunging Into Darkness. This release will be a blue vinyl pressing with the new bonus track Deadly Restraints. This is actually pretty kick-ass. I need to get my hands on a damn record player!

Details here!


It escapes me who recently introduced me to TUCK FROM HELL, but I need to thank him or her or it. This Swedish band kicks your teeth in with an adrenaline boosting mix of Slayer, Testament, and Judas Priest, which makes for a rolling mass of stomping metal that any headbanger can run with.

Musically apt, Tuck From Hell offers up some hella tight riffage, technical melodies, and perfectly forceful Chuck Billy-esque vocals. The bottom line is Tuck From Hell is an all-out killer metal band.

Listen below, like 'em on Facebook, and remember…tell your friends!


Hey, Dr. Livingdead! Please tour the states! You too, Tantara! And YOU Essence! And 4ARM! And...(These call-outs for a U.S. tour are worth a shot. However, we can't even get Lich King to get their collective ass over to Kansas City, and they LIVE in the States.)

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  1. Nuclear omnicide was definitly my favorite!


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