Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The NWOTM Blog - a short hiatus

The NWOTM Blog will go on a short hiatus until Saturday, April 21st. Once I take care a few things and get my batteries recharged, I will be back in the blogging saddle again, offering up info on the most killer signed and unsigned thrash bands from around the world.

Meanwhile, I will periodically check the NWOTM Blog Facebook and Twitter pages and will possibly post a few tidbits of new information there, so keep your eyes peeled.

A big THANK YOU to all who check back with this blog from time to time. As a huge thrash fan, I love finding and sharing new bands with you. My hope is that you discover some new killer bands here and decide to keep coming back to see what's new!

If you're new to the NWOTM Blog, please comb through the old articles and find some stuff you like. Hit the bands up on Facebook or email them and tell them how freakin' bad-ass they are! All the bands, from the upstarts to the old-schoolers need to know that the fans are behind them, and we want more, more, MORE!!! I LOVE thrash metal, and I want show our favorite bands, both signed and unsigned, that all of us have a frenzied dedication to their music!

This blog has been and always will be a big HORNS UP to our favorite genre of music. As I continue to support thrash metal, I thank you all for your support in this blog.

Be back here on Saturday, April 21st, 2012 for more thrash madness! See you then!


  1. One of the best dedicated metal blogs ever, you're the greatest man, Love this stuff.

    We'll await your glorious return oh great thrash lord.

  2. Thanks, man! That mean a lot to me. \m/

  3. Amen to Anonymous. Missing it already.

  4. Premiere !!Swedens hardest Female fronted metal band new killer musicvideo "Bleeding Sanity"

    Frantic Amber - Bleeding Sanity watch it here and feel free to share the music video.

    Frantic Amber is a female-fronted metal band with members from four different countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Japan) Since the line-up was solified 2010 the band has made two tours to Russia, the latest one in September 2011, as well as a successful gig at Sweden Rock Festival 2011 which also was played in whole in the Swedish National Radio program P3 Rock Live. Frantic Amber performed at the P3 Gold 2012 Awards that was broadcast on swedish national television and radio.

  5. We're the ones who have to thanks you man :D This is THE blog!


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