Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Bludvera - Terrorform


The new album by Liverpool's BLUDVERA is a testament to how a thrash band can offer up quality songs, keenly executed, and remain true to their own sound while flying the flag of their influences. No, they are not necessarily reinventing thrash here with Terrorform, nor do they need to, but after repeated headbanging sessions to their mix of Bay Area and Teutonic thrash, these bad-ass metal forgers create music that is unmistakably…Bludvera. And, yes, that is a good thing.

Musically, Terrorform is solid and each song is orchestrated to kick ass to the highest degree. Songs such as Powerhouse combines both technical and driving riffage with building dynamics to produce a tune of sonic fist-banging insanity. Citizen Monopoly rides the Kreator edge with harsh blistering guitar work, venomous vocals, and a galloping breakdown that is bound to cause certain mayhem in the pit.

A definite highlight is Scott Clayton's vocal work. His harsh and kinetic energy entwines throughout the music, becoming a vital instrument in the high and low dynamics of each song. Can vocals make you headbang? Weird, but true - check out Clayton's rapid fire rhythm on the title track's chorus and tell me you don't want to slam to it. Also, his use of the occasional nut-punching scream to accent certain lyrics add extra character to his delivery.

Those who think this all sounds a bit too run-of-the-mill need to drop all preconceived ideas of recycled thrash and soak in Bludvera's music. When I said "quality songs" earlier, the term goes beyond just well played music, but also encompasses memorable riffs and the mark of a band who love what they do.

To get Terrorform, go here and then keep up with Bludvera here.

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