Monday, March 5, 2012

The Genocide Of All ROCKS!

I never shy away from a killer groove when it works in a song. In my book, bands that can do almost no wrong when it comes to the chugging stomp riffage would be Obituary, Pro-Pain, and the mighty Jungle Rot.

Even traditional thrash bands such as Slayer, Kreator, and old Sepultura (as well as some NWOTM groups such as Sworn Amongst and 4ARM) are known to hammer in well-placed grooves and breakdowns. As a result, these death, hardcore, and thrash bands work thick guitars and locomotive groove into their songs to whip up a fury of head-slamming mayhem.

So yes, I'm always on the outlook for a metal band that can wield a brutal groove or breakdown like a skull-shattering Louisville Slugger.*

So imagine my excitement when I came across a Connecticut band called The Genocide Of All. This four piece embraces their love of the Slayer riff, the technical sweeps of Megadeth, the hammering Pantera groove, and slime-filled shovels of death metal right from the play book of the aforementioned Jungle Rot. Hell. YES.

For mid-paced grooving deathrash, T.G.O.A. ranks right up with the best of 'em. The guitars balance between simple gallops and fret-running spider riffs, using building dynamics to force the listener to move - whether it be headbanging, foot-stomping, air drumming/guitar, or whatever…you just have to expel that raging metallic energy!

Darrin's vocals are killer expulsions of pure gravelly death (reminding me a lot of Jungle Rot's Dave Matrise). His vocal patterns blend and work so well with T.G.O.A.'s grooving slabs of harsh metal.

Guys, I'm ready for a full length album!

If you're a fan of this type of metal, check out the tracks below and then keep tabs on them at Reverbnation or MySpace.




*I don't mean the bands that use the breakdown as a crutch. There were/are many hardcore-leaning bands that seems to force-fit a breakdown in every single song, making some of them awkward and predictable. Yes, I love some of these bands and when a breakdown flows naturally in their songs, nothing can be more powerful. But I started to hate it when the band would go, "Okay, we did the opening riff, the two verses and choruses, and now let's make all the music stop and go into our conventional and textbook breakdown."


  1. Dude! This is killer and pretty damn Slayer-y at times!

  2. I know! I am blown away by how cool these tracks are. \m/


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