Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I was almost asleep before Nuclear Salvation kicked my ass!

I have to hand it to modern thrashers Nuclear Salvation. Tonight I was in a jaded and tired disposition as I thumbed through the various thrash bands I've been meaning to check out.

As the opening riff to Nuclear Salvation's Hate Anthem kicked in, I sighed as it repeated through a few measures. Usually by this time, when I am in such a blank-headed state, I would either skip ahead in the song to see if anything catches my attention or turn it off and move on. Good thing I was more tired than jaded since i was too lazy to do either, so I let the song play.

Then after the first verse, the riff and vocal pattern change at 1 minute and 22 seconds made my ears prick up and suddenly I was at full attention. My head started to move as the riff kicked my ass back into the land of the living.

Then again and again, Nuclear Salvation would find that sweet spot in a crushing, galloping riff and would ride that son of a bitch for maximum headbanging impact.

Catchy melody is not lost on these guys as they are able to blend it seamlessly in their barrage of harsh rhythms. In fact, the entire solo section at the end of A Miracle For Sale gives the feeling of speeding along on a runway until it takes off in a flight of uplifting wonder before crashing back to the ground in a metal wreckage of chunky riffs and searing vocals.

After jamming through all of their available songs on their Reverbnation page, I was so impressed with their blend of some Slayer worship with slamming melodic death metal, that I went through several repeated listens. Just think - moments before, my head was full of mud and yawns and now I'm pumped and inspired to write about the awesomeness that is Nuclear Salvation.

That's the power of good music!

Listen to the tune below and then check them out here!


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  1. Holy!! These guys are great. The vocals are sic. Top notch thrash with an attitude man.


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