Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Breakdown: Extinction, Pretrash, and Citizen X

If you want beefy thunderous riffs with a mix of death and powerthrash vocals that sound as if a giant nuclear-mutated lizard is dancing the doom-stomp all over a busy metropolis, then check out the available song from Istanbul's own EXTINCTION.

The song, titled Embrace, begins with the must-have slow acoustic buildup to what eventually becomes a churning groove that could move mountains. That alone sold me on the band, but the mix of old-school death metal and epic powerthrash are perfectly blended to make some metal dripping with fist-shaking anguish.

Check out the tune below and then hit Extinction up on Facebook to demand they release more tracks!



Man, I really dig the riffage from Germany's PRETRASH. These guys add enough to the music, including the vocals and dynamics, to keep things interesting. With their song Chamber Inside My Head, Pretrash clobbers the listener with a tight sounding mix of Bay Area thrash with big doses of old-school east coast stomp. Quality kick-ass metal!

Check out the tune below and check them out here and here.


Ohio's CITIZEN X cranks out old-school headbanging metal mixed with the stop-and-go mid-tempo riffage that many of the late 80s/early 90s thrash bands incorporated into their sound. Usually, bands that attempt this sound come off as a bit dated and tired, but Citizen X pulls it off, assembling a batch of killer metal songs that bring to mind mid-area Sacred Reich and Overkill. I love it!

Listen to the batch of songs below (one available as a FREE download) and then keep tabs on them here and here.




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