Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Donner Party ROCKS!

I am mega-behind on my blogging and probably won't be up to speed any time soon. However, I wanted to drop in for a quick ROCKS! post and pimp a band that was supposed to be in last week's Weekend Breakdown, but I couldn't find the time to get it all written.

But now that I have a bit of time here...

I love some killer crossover and when I find a band that can hit the ground running from the time I push "play", I get a bit giddy. So thank you to THE DONNER PARTY for the giddiness.

This New Jersey pummeling crossover powerhouse treat us to slabs of metal saturated hardcore punk that will - with loving aggression - put a boot up your ass.

The Donner Party feeds our hunger for thrashing speed and slams it with doses of mid-tempo mosh, bringing to mind hints of Gama Bomb, M.O.D., and Municipal Waste. However, T.D.P. are their own animal and offer up a fun listen of pit-stompin' political thrash. Kick ass!

Listen below and then hit them up on Facebook.



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