Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Iron Reagan ROCKS!

Foresta and Landphil from Municipal Waste have found another outlet to kick our crusty asses with their new band Iron Reagan.

The music is stripped down to the bone, raging on the intensity of pummeling speed and searing vocals. Fans of blistering fast hardcore will find much to enjoy as they quickly devour the four available songs that slam the listener like a welcoming bat to the chops.

Foresta is truly giving hell with his killer vocal delivery, and at times he renders his well-known sound unrecognizable, offering up some powerhouse screams that bring to mind the likes of Daryl Taberski of Snapcase.

The bottom line is that Iron Reagan is an aggressively fun listen. If you have approximately five or so minutes to spare, check out the entire album below. Afterward hit them up on Bandcamp because the band was kind enough to offer a "name your price" to download!

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