Monday, January 23, 2012

Thrashline: Bonded By Blood to record, New Overkill announced, Scornforger's metal tribute, and more!

In two weeks NWOTM big boys BONDED BY BLOOD will begin recording with their revamped line-up. As most of you know, this will be vocalist Mauro Gonzalez's first album with BBB, and I'm excited to hear him belt out the new tunes.

Ex-BBB vocalist Jose Barrales posted the following on the band's Facebook page:

"I honestly can't wait to hear this. Very intrigued and a little skeptical. I know Juan will sound ace, he's a very legit guitarist. I just need to hear everything together. With Jessie and Mauro being new, I'm sure it will bring a different vibe. I'm actually very, very intrigued on how the vocals will sound and what the lyrics are all about. Good luck."

I might be wrong, but Barrales sounds a little bit…doubtful?…regarding the news about a new BBB record. Terms like "intrigued" and "skeptical" don't sound encouraging and warm, but I don't blame him if that's the case. BBB was his baby for roughly 5 years and it probably isn't easy to see others pick up the flag and run with it.

However, it's cool that Barrales put in his two cents. Meanwhile, I'm eagerly awaiting to hear some tunes from his new band WORMHOLE!

Thrash legends OVERKILL have named their next album The Electric Age, to be released on March 27th. I'm excited for this news because I have been on an Overkill bender this week, unable to vanquish what thirst I have for their brand of neck-snapping thrash metal.

The bonus is that the album will be out nearly a month before they trek on into my town on their Killfest tour. That'll afford me some quality time to lube up the old ears for some new tunes before hearing them live. That sounded gross.

SHRAPNEL out of Norwich, England is now looking for a new bass player. Those interested should get in touch with the band through their Facebook page (where you can find all of Shrapnel's contact info).

If you have yet to hear the crushing power of Shrapnel, listen below and then buy their The Devastation to Come ep. Killer, bad-ass thrash metal.


Polish metal heads HEADBANGER will begin recording their new album at the beginning of July. If you haven't heard these guys yet, get on the ball! I am addicted to their Nuclear Devastation ep. Listen below and then hit Headbanger up on Facebook.


There is a new thrash blog on the block called GLOBAL THRASH ASSAULT. This blog provides quick, kick-ass reviews and commentary on all things thrash. It's amazing at the amount of material they put out in such a short amount of time. You can almost bet that you'll find new posts there every day (something I aspire to do one day when earth moves up to a 42 hour-a-day schedule).

Check out the Global Thrash Assault blog here and go "like" their HQ on Facebook.

The Forward Into Battle Tour has added some new dates, including one in Kansas City on March 13th! In case you're in the dark about this tour, the line-up includes English Dogs, The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, and Havok!!!

This is beginning to be a killer year in metal for me. This week is the Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel show. In March, I'll hit the Forward Into Battle Tour, and then in April…OVERKILL!

Yes, I am lucky.

If you're in the path of the English Dogs tour, mark your calendar. Check here for dates.

Johnson, TN's master thrashers BACALOU are in search of a new vocalist. These guys jam some bad ass old-school influenced thrash metal. Interested parties can contact Bacalou through their Facebook page.

Meanwhile, check out one of their tunes below.


Last bit I want to mention:

Check out this killer tribute to metal from the band SCORNFORGER! Cool video to a killer song. If you dig it, keep up with these guys on Facebook.


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