Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Like a Texas Murder, Battlecreek, and Vivisection!

First of all, here is a big THANK YOU to the dude's in Six In Line for directing me to what has become one of my new favorite bands. If you are a fan of more hardcore-leaning crossover thrash like I am, then by all mean check out Brazil's LIKE A TEXAS MURDER. Cool name. Cooler tunes.

The dynamics in their music is stellar. I'm not talking simply about the effortless crunch of the guitars and flow of the drums, but also the standout performances by vocalists Gabriel and Leo. It shouldn't be surprising, but it's amazing how killer sounding vocals coupled with a vocal pattern that enhances the music can make a good band great. In this case, they make a great band nearly perfect.

The production of their albums, in particular their album Tudo de Ruim, sounds devastating. The speedy parts are explosive and will twist your head off, while the breakdowns build and release with agonizing power.

Check out a couple samples below, stream the sh*t out of them over at their Bandcamp page, and then hit them up on Facebook.

Taking notes from the more aggressive side of the old-school thrash masters, Germany's BATTLECREEK crank out a vicious onslaught of tight riffs, badass guitar solos, and searing vocals. A big thumbs up to guitarist Christian Meisl for creating a literal wall of sound with a one-guitar attack. Battlecreek bring the tight speed of Gama Bomb and the ferocious bite of Warbringer and combine it into a sonic weapon of monstrous, throat-ripping intensity. This is thrash f**king metal.

Check out the streaming tune as well as Battlecreek's sick and darkly funny video for their song Psycho Torture. Afterward, if you're so inclined, Facebook them here.


Sometimes there is power behind wild abandon. When I first came across Wisconsin's VIVISECTION, the recording and sound of the band came off as a bit too raw and loose. At the time I felt this hurt the dynamics of the songs, hampering my interest which sent Vivisection back into my thrash limbo cloud where literally hundreds of thrash bands float around, pimping out amateurish and tedious attempts at songwriting.

The thing is, Vivisection is anything but amateurish and they definitely are not tedious. I kept reaching back into my limbo cloud, pulling Vivisection out for a listen and discovering a band with solid riffs, killer song structures, and bloodthirsty vocals. These guys started to have me hooked!

Over repeated listens, that raw and loose sound had morphed into a pissed beast of a metal band, one that I believe will continue to grow.

Vivisection are not quite perfect, but they are damn good and it may be worth it to keep your eye on them to see what they plan to unleash in the future. I know I will.

Listen to their tune Living Dead below, go here to download it for FREE (thanks, guys!), and then hit them up on Facebook.


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