Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Jack Devil, Beyond the Divide, OrckOut, T.C.L.

We're doing the Weekend Breakdown post early because I've been such a Scrooge with the lack of posting lately. So, in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I would make penance with you all and keep the holiday spirit alive with a Weekend Breakdown post that features bands that are giving away their tunes for free.

So here's a late Merry Christmas present! I hope you find something you like. Let's get into it!

Brazil's thrash metallers JACK DEVIL freaking rock. Period. These dudes slam out some gritty speed thrash with riffs evocative of Justice-area Metallica minus the weighty prog wankery. The flow and dynamics of the songs sound effortless, offering up slabs of kick-ass thrash that is both harsh and fun as hell to listen to.

Songs such as Under the Metal Command, Road to Hell, and Violent Invasion show how screamingly bad-ass and uncompromising metal should be played. So how awesome is it that they are offering their album up for a free download? Completely.

Thanks, Jack Devil!

Check them out below and download their album here.

As of this writing, Cincinnati's BEYOND THE DIVIDE have only one song available for a free download. The song, titled Payment, is a catchy mid-paced thrasher with cool breakdowns, and a main riff that gets me moving every time (especially when it kicks in after the chorus). Vocalist Mike Reichert's voice brings to mind Phil Rind of Sacred Reich with a hint of Hetfield.

The big bonus here is that on January 17th, 2012, Beyond the Divide will make their entire album available as a free download!

Get a taste below and then be ready to get your thrashin' freebie this January! Facebook them here.

Brazil's ORCKOUT plays a crushing brand of modern thrash metal that manages to capture bits of the sludge-filled NOLA sound, Chicago doom, and even some Seattle grunge for flavor. OrckOut's musical mix makes for an interesting hard rock/thrash hybrid that might draw the favor of metal fans who aren't looking for smiley-faced rainbows in their music.

OrckOut has bestowed us with a whopping nine free songs (so far) for download, including three new ones!

Check them out below and them hit them up on Facebook to snag the free tunes.


Yes, it's no secret that I love me some hardcore. Without crossover taking up space in my thrash arsenal, I'd only be a half-full headbanger. Which brings me to Japan's T.C.L., a hardcore band that blends searing noise and sonic insanity with some straight-forward mosh inducing riffs.

T.C.L. might not be for the average traditional thrasher, but their music is hard hitting nonetheless. Still interested? Check out the tune below and then visit their Facebook page to download their four available tracks for free!


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