Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Daxx & Roxane ROCKS!

A big hat tip to Basile Golaz for tipping me off on Montreux's DAXX & ROXANE.

Yes, Daxx & Roxane doesn't seem to be the most "metal" name for a band, but when the riffs rock this hard, the band could be called Rainbow Farts and I would still proudly pimp these guys on my blog.

The essence of Daxx & Roxane's music is pure hard rock. It's as if the band originally set out to write tunes influenced by AC/DC and Deep Purple but took a detour and riffed their way into the land of Kill Em All, Ace of Spades, and Among the Living.

This is not a knock on Daxx & Roxane. Truthfully, the mix of influences in their music absolutely works. As I listen to these guys, I just can't get over the bad-ass catchy riffs, used as the electrically charged building blocks for creating monstrous horn-up metal. Killer!

The vocals harken back to classic 80s metal. I'm not simply speaking about the sound of vocalist Cédric Pfister's voice, but also his patterns and melodies which express a clear understanding of melding with the music instead of just screaming on top of it.

I dig it, man.

Check out the tunes below and then go holler at them on Facebook.




  1. I am happy that you liked it man !!! Keep up with your great blog! NWOTM rocks!

  2. Just Fantastic. Takes me back to when hard rock and heavy metal were more or less one and the same and free of subgenre labels. Sweet, sweet stuff and definitely one band I would want to watch. Thanks, as always, for the heads up!

  3. FUCK YEA.
    Those guys rocks !!

  4. Wow, great find! As well with so many on this site!! I went to Facebook and Reverb, but I can't read any of the words...lol....Great description of the music as well man, is it Rock, or is it Metal.....It's like the perfect Hybrid....Do they have an album, or EP out????

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Thanks again, Basile! Maybe you can answer Jaason's question...does D&R have an album or EP available?

  6. Yeah their demo EP will be released by the beginning of 2012 I guess. I will let you know about it. They are performing live with great & heavy material for one album or more but they haven't recorded all those songs in studio yet...

    Here is their bio in english by the way:
    "Daxx & Roxane is a heavy metal band from Montreux, Switzerland, founded in 2009 by four long time friends who have a passion for metal.

    Daxx & Roxane began in the bassist’s garage, influenced by bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Anthrax or Motörhead. The four were soon banned from their neighborhood by police for playing "Whiplash" by Metallica a bit too loud. They were then welcomed in an artist’s house, where they spend a year working on their own compositions and regularly performing for the residents of the building.

    In August 2010, Daxx & Roxane goes for the first time on stage for a well established local festival. Their explosive live performance, allowed them to win a springboard for performing on two major concert halls and to record their first EP "Demolition ". They build on their success with several concerts in western Switzerland, imposing music to the sounds of metal, composed of monstrous riffs and feverish guitar solos. The public is unleashed about the group that dumps supercharged energy on the shores of Lake Geneva!

    Daxx & Roxane is currently about to release a debut EP "Demolition" and later to record their first album. With an unquenchable thirst of live and the desire to exercise their relentless passion, Daxx & Roxane delivers every time a powerful show and never fails to convert the public to wild screams of their music."

    Merry NWOTM Christmas !!

  7. Here is a link to our english Biography Thank you all for your comments! It's nice to know that our music is loved on the other side of the world!


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