Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thrashline: News on Entrials, Insinnerator, Magnetron, Paralyzer and more!

Scratch the Surface Webzine has a cool interview with ENTRAILS guitarist Jimmy Lundquist. Entrials, a band that cranks out punishing old-school Swedish death metal, are in writing mode for album number three. Why is this news a big deal? Well, if you're a fan of this particular genre, listen to the streaming vids below and after you say, "Holy SH*T!" then go like them on Facebook here.



According to this sweet graphic I snagged off FAITHREAT's Facebook page, they will have a new 7" coming soon. If you like punk-infused metal, you need to give these crossover crushers a hard listen.

Here, I made it easy for you:


HAVOK fans know by now that the Denver thrashers have a new video out for their killer tune DOA. However, if I didn't report it here then I wouldn't be a very good NWOTM blogger guy, would I? On the off chance that one or two of you haven't yet heard Havok's stuff, I'm obligated to offer up a golden opportunity. Man, this blog rocks.

Anyway, I dig the look of the video. These guys really, really like greeeeeeen.


Denmark's HELL'S DOMAIN has a new website up. According to the band, the site is "more of a page with a logo and some songs to listen to actually! Either way, pay it a visit…"

I agree! Go pay it a visit and feed your ears.

Check out the new album cover for INSINNERATOR's upcoming album. I mentioned it before that the art makes me want to roll up some old-school D&D characters and kill some ice monsters! Insinnerator have not issued a release date, but you can follow them here to stay updated. Of course The NWOTM Blog will spill the news as soon as I get it.


As of this writing, Jersey City hood thrashers LETHAL STRIKE are looking for a guitarist. Live in the area? Moving to the area? Oh yeah…play GUITAR? Check out Lethal Strike here to listen to their songs and catch up on any info you may need.

If you're not interested in trying out for the band, check them out anyway and jam out to some kick-ass metal!


Storming out of the Netherlands is the debut album from the mighty MAGNETRON titled A Measured Timeframe. I can't comment on the music just yet because my copy has not yet arrived, but based off streaming vid these guys released of the song Compulsory Communication, it is going to be killer!

Give it a listen below and if you dig it, order it here.


Johnson City, TN's PARALYZER have completed their four track EP titled Hellish Demise. Although these guys play straight-forward, kick-ass, chug-a-thon thrash metal, they also throw in little nuances of speedy spider-like riffage that march right along with their brand of metallic brutality. Every song has moments of head banging bliss to keep the pits rolling in a live setting.

Our friends over at Skull Fracturing Metal posted a positive review of Hellish Demise. Check that out , then check out Paralyzer here.


In case you didn't already know, you can legally download the new SAVAGE MESSIAH album Plague of Conscience over at the Earache website for FREE. Thanks, Earache! You're good people!

One of my new favorite thrash bands on the block, THRASH OR DIE, have released a video for their song Terrorvision! Check it out below and hit them up here to get a hold of their album, the modern thrash classic Poser Holocaust!


Emmett Ewing, the headmaster of the Skull Fracturing Metal Zine has a new metal review blog up called Nightmare Reality Webzine. This blog features ONLY reviews of old-school metal albums, so hit them up here and enjoy. You might find something you haven't heard before. I'm just happy NRW is giving up so much Bolt Thrower love. Nothing is heavier than Bolt Thrower. Nothing.


Guitar World posted a 13 minute interview with WARBRINGER guitarist John Laux!

The new VEKTOR album Outer Isolation is out! Oh, you knew that? Again, I have to include the info to remain a good NWOTM blogger guy.


Now when is LICH KING going to put out album #4 Born of the Bomb? This album is taking longer than their merch shipping time.

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