Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Exzeltic, Mortal Infinity, Drunkards, Terror Detonator, Captain Trips

Dublin's EXZELTIC offers up a healthy dose of old-school thrash with hints of traditional and power metal. The song writing is top-notch with both catchy sharp riffs as well as old Megadeth-esque rolling riffage. This is all topped with truly epic solos and some killer raspy vocals similar to Rodney Dunsmmore of Devastation.

Even as I write this, I grow in excitement over how kick-ass this band is and how much potential the future holds for them. Exzeltic is a band to keep an eye on.

Check out their tunes below and then definitely hit them up on Facebook.

Modern German thrashers MORTAL INFINITY hammer your teeth in with some monstrous angst-ridden metal. Mortal's thrash attack has plenty of speedy moments, complete with the barrage of double bass drumming and Slayer spider riffs. The balance between the speed, the mid-paced slam, and the Bolt Thrower-like slow grind make for a killer time jamming to Mortal Infinity's crushing tunes. Awesome.

Check out the songs below and hit them up on their Facebook page to download some FREE metal!



Italy's DRUNKARDS tear through their brand of thrashy speed punk like an explosion of controlled chaos. Part rock and part punk thrash, Drunkards hammer out some unusual riffing and acid-throat vocals. For fans of music on the fringe.

Check out their tune below and then hit them up here.


Greece's TERROR DETONATOR roll out their thrash-fueled crossover like a grime-covered boulder. Their raw, meaty riffs and throat-torn vocals thrash hard, bringing to mind the gutter punk rage of Violentor and Speedboozer. The touches of traditional thrash and even some grind add well-placed layers to Terror Detonator's mass of violent music.

Check out the tune below and find out more about them here and here.

Out of Stillwater, MN, the mighty metal trio CAPTAIN TRIPS guide us through their music with an array of killer chunky thrash riffs and song structures that hint at bits of Slayer and Nuclear Assault. Captain Trips sound like they write music with a sense of pure pleasure, and even come off at times as if they are on an ad-libbed jam. It's raw and fun.

Listen to their homage to John Carpenter below and then Facebook them here to download some free tunes!


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