Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: Soul Collector and Eldritch Flamethrower

I know I said there would not be another Weekend Breakdown post until next week, but I had a little time and was able to assemble a quick write-up of a couple thrash bands that caught my ear.

So here is this week's


Poland's metal gurus SOUL COLLECTOR found an interesting way to grab the best of Slayer and Exodus riffs and throw in some 70s stomp rock sensibilities to come up with a bunch of headbang-inducing catchy metal tunes.

Songs like I Saw and Pure F****ing Evil are fun crushing thrashers with memorable riffs that roll along with the tempo to create fist flying slabs of destruction.

Other songs such as The Stoneface use some classic rock influence, at times sounding as if Nazareth and Overkill collided. It completely stomps ass.

Rafal "Don Vito" Halamoda's vocals lean toward the Zetro side of aggression, offering a tough and gravelly old-school flavor which works perfectly.

Check out the streaming song below and hear live versions on their MySpace page. Facebook them here, and then ask them, "Hey, how can I get a copy of your music?" Then let me know.

Based off one unrefined demo track, Oregon's ELDRITCH FLAMETHROWER caught me off guard with a catchy e-string chug-a-thon and sick sense of humor.

Based on the dynamics, the song Human Barbecue is a gift to moshpit aficionados. Speedy, all-out thrash moments followed by the classic mid-tempo stomp, and highlighted by fist-raising gang vocals. What's not to love?

Check out the tune below, thrash about the room, and then hit them up on Facebook here.

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