Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrashline: Ghoul, Possessor, Raw Dawgs, Gama Bomb, and more!

Liverpool's BLUDVERA are scheduled to record their upcoming EP in November. As of this writing, confirmed track titles include Conjure the Dead, Reanimator, Citizen Monopoly and Voyage Beyond the System. I don't know how soon they plan to unleash the new material on the public, but I'm ready!

San Jose's ECOPOLIS has recruited Marcus Giddings as the band's new drummer. However, they are still on the outlook for a new vocalist! If you are unfamiliar with Ecopolis's brand of stompin' deathrash, click here and enjoy! Killer, killer stuff!

Splatterthrash giants GHOUL have their most recent release Transmission Zero available as a digital download for a whopping $6.66 over on their Bandcamp page. It should also be in the stores as you read this. To give you an idea of how good this album is, head over to the Skull Fracturing Metal Zine and read their review.

Also, for the Ghoulish fans out there, "Japan Nick" Perkel posted an interview with singer/guitarist Digestor here.

St. Paul's non-moshists IN DEFENCE are a featured band on the Midwest Thrash Attack 7" which includes other bands Stand Off, Choose Your Poison, and Damage Deposit. You can pick it up through Profane Existence Distribution.


Check out the pure bad-assery of the new album art from Virginia's POSSESSOR for their new release City Built With Skulls! You gotta love the flyer on the far right of the picture showing Possessor headlining a gig over the Big Four.

As far as I know, this album will be available in November, so keep you eyes glued to their Facebook page for new info.


Celtic metal masters Raw Dawgs have put up a YouTube page. Really, there's not much on there right now, but I wanted to mention it as an excuse to post their unusually goofy video for the song Lord of Illusions!


California thrashers SCYTHE will embark on a mini promo tour within the Bay Area. A promo tour? Yep! Meet up with these guys who will be passing out band materials, demos, and trying like hell to network with all you metalheads. Those of you outside of the Bay Area should check out their EP The Seventh Day on iTunes, Zune, or Amazon. Those of you who are within driving distance, hit them up at the following dates:

Nov. 4th - San Francisco (close to Fisherman's Wharf)
Nov. 5th - Berkeley (Berkeley University)/ Concord (The Red Hat)
Nov. 6th - WHEREVER THE HELL WE WAKE UP!!! (Most likely Hayward)

Popular crossover kings SSS will embark on their Problems to the Answer European Tour 2011. I'm stuck all the way over here in Kansas City, so I won't be attending any of these killer shows. However, if you're in the area, go thrash and support!


Speaking of Kansas City, I have some sad news from the hood: local punk/thrash slammers The Tards have officially disbanded. I'm not 100% sure as to what caused the break-up, but according to the band's Facebook post, vocalist Keegan Smith quit after guitarist Mike Smith and bassist Tom Nieves played a Tards song acoustically on a radio show (?). I'm sure that there is more to the story (or backstory), but whatever the circumstances, I wish the guys good luck on future endeavors.

Finally, I going to pimp a YouTube channel called The Underground Attack. According to the channel's chief operator Emmet J. Kiernan, The Underground Attack is "The voice of Irish underground music, here to let you find the best bands you've never heard of!"

I like it because he's featuring killer bands such as Psykosis and the aforementioned Raw Dawgs. However, he also features bands most thrash fans HAVE heard of, such as the modern thrash legends Gama Bomb.

Check out Parts 1 and 2 of a chat he had with Gama Bomb below and then subscribe to his channel. You can never have enough thrash-related vids in your life, right?

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