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Thrash Or Die interview

As a kid who grew up on comics, metal, USA Network's Night Flight, and The Muppet Show, you could imagine my giddiness when I first laid eyes on Thrash Or Die's video for Wake Up and Smell the Thrash. The video strikes the right chord of comedic absurdity found in those obscure short films from the late 70s/early 80s…only with more gore.

So it's no surprise that within a week of the Wake Up and Smell the Thrash video's posting, it was passed around the metal community - as well as a posting on Funny or Die - earning the once unknown thrash band tons of new fans.

Yes, the video freaking rocks, but we cannot for a second cast aside the killer tune fueling the all the mayhem on the screen. Thrash Or Die writes music that is an uncompromising and brutal take on 80's speed/thrash worship. So although the video may turn people's heads, the music will twist the head right off the body.

And to think that this is only the beginning for Thrash Or Die!

As a new fan of this band, I had to get a little info on what's behind the phenomenon of Thrash Or Die. I shot off a few questions to voKILList Dr. Fukk which he graciously answered. Check it out!

You're 46 years-old and Thrash Or Die is your first band. Most people start bands in their teens and 20s and then later quit to get real jobs. You seem to be doing the exact opposite of that. Why did you wait so long to start a band? What led up to creating Thrash Or Die?

I have always been a Die Hard Metal fan since the ripe age of 13. My older brother owned Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" and it changed my life. For some reason I have never wanted to be in a band,and I didn't think I had the talent. Hell, I still don't think that,but I get away with it. 4 years ago our guitar player "Hellvomit Sodimizer" (It's his real name, it's been certified by his birth certificate) wanted to start a Thrash band. I thought nothing of it until I bought a copy of Onslaught's "Killing Peace" CD. As I was listening to it I thought to myself "Maybe I can do some thrash type vocals". In the end I was right because everyone and their mom say I sound like either Paul Baloff or Steve Souza. Personally I don't think so, but fuck it, those two singers rule so I'll take it as a compliment. In the end Hellvomit, and I got together and started writing songs. The initial idea was to make a funny Thrash band with songs like "Thrash For Breakfast","Thrashing at the Library","I Thrash on your grave", and "Wake up and smell the Thrash". The only one from that list that survived was "Wake Up and smell the Thrash". We hooked up with a drummer and bass player and recorded a demo of that song,and a cover of "Piranha" by a band called Lord Tracy. We included a couple riffs of "Piranha" by Exodus in the middle of the song. Then I made a cheap video for both songs and it started a Buzz down here in South Florida. After that,the next song we wrote was "Fatal Fury"and I got away from the Thrash type lyrics and wrote it about Addiction's of all type. That's when we started to take this a bit more serious and set out to form a band instead of some goofy elitist type band.

You have mentioned that Thrash Or Die is more of a hobby for you. How do you make time for your band?

Its hard. Everyone in the band works and we all have different work schedules. We meet up late at night to practice. Technically it is a hobby but we take it very serious. There is a lot of hard work involved being in a band that hardly has time for anything,yet somehow we manage to squeeze it in our busy schedule. There is a lot of stress involved in what we do. But in the end it pays off since I have cool motherfuckers like you asking me to do an interview!

Personally, I've never had a problem with thrash songs with themes about thrash metal, mosh pits and beating posers. Why are some people put off by the name of your band and the song titles? Does all thrash metal have to be super-evil serious?

Well, people are different. Some of them like their metal to be serious while others don't. I just write shit I like. The day I write songs for others is the day I should be strung up by my testicles and beaten with a rusty pipe. I really don't care what anyone thinks unless its positive. Then I care and I am honored that others like what I'm doing. As for those who don't...they can all go choke on a bowl of jagged fucks! Damn proud of what I'm doing.

What does the whole Thrash Or Die concept mean to you personally?

For me its more of a lifestyle, like Metal. Its a combination of music and attitude. The music is the soundtrack to the attitude. Metal is the underdog. People have been trying to kill it off for over 40 years now and it keeps coming back. I try to incorporate that vibe into the music. FUCK YOU WE ARE THRASH! If you don't like it, GOOD! I take pride in pissing the insecure off that think they know how I should act and what I should say.I do what I like. And if they don't like it...pick a finger.

You guys seem to have a great sense of humor, but how serious are you about the songwriting process?

We're very serious,and those who love us know this. What I write about is how I feel. Be it in a goofy mood, or serious. I wont be writing about the rain forest or how I worship God or Satan. I write what i feel,and i write about things i know.Sometimes I write fantasy type of stuff like killing posers and ruling the planet with the power of Thrash Metal. You know, serious stuff like that...

Who writes the main bulk of the music? What bands influenced your songwriting?

Hellvomit and I would get together and write most of it. I wrote all the lyrics except for "Terrorvision" and some of "Zombie Assault". Our drummer is great at piecing it all together. Its like we bring him an unfinished jigsaw puzzle and he puts it all together. As for bands,everything from Black Sabbath to Vio-Lence. Bon Scott is a major influence when I write lyrics. Though I don't think anyone can come close to how amazing he was. Including myself.

It seems that many thrash fans are hearing about Thrash Or Die thanks to the spectacular video for your song Wake Up and Smell the Thrash. Are you surprised by its immediate popularity? Did you know you had something special when the video was first completed?

Yes, I am shocked its taken off so quick.I knew it was very special. But you never know how people are going to react to it, but I knew it was something that if enough people were to see it we were going to be the mega rock stars we are today! Hello Wacken!

How were those killer set designs done, especially the ones paying tribute to classic metal album covers?

You would have to ask the Pupper Master, Dan Jackson. There was a bunch of computer mumbo jumbo shit involved that I know nothing about. There was also alot of work with a green screen. I had to get into a tight green screen type suit for the "Pleasure to Kill" shot. He super imposed the puppet's head on me. So yeah, Dan Jackson is the guy who came up with most of the ideas and did all the filming and editing. He Rules!

I have a feeling that this video is going to put Thrash Or Die on the map. I know it's only been out for a short time, but I'm curious if anyone surprising has contacted you based on the WUASTT video?

Metal Sludge actually wants to interview the puppet! And a few other sites have asked for an interview as well as a radio show in Argentina. The band Lich King loved it and posted it up. The biggest surprise for me is how many people are praising the video and the song. That to me is better then anything else. As I'm writing my response to this,the video has only been up for a week. Who knows what's going to happen in the coming months. So Far, So Good, So Kickass!

How does it feel to have thrash fans lose their minds (in a good way) over music you helped create?

To me that is the best part about playing live. To see fuckers rage at our shows never gets old. It's the ultimate high. I put it up there with injecting cat tranquilizers in my eye balls.

Is there time in the Thrash Or Die schedule to pull off a tour?

If someone gives us an offer we are there! But please make us at least break even because I have to take time off of work.

Final words?

My final words are for our haters. I am not sorry that I busted a load in your moms and didn't come back when I went out for that pack of smokes.

Check out Thrash Or Die here.


  1. Long live Thrash and Thrash or Die!!!

  2. You forgot to asking him the most important question. Weren't you a poser yourself years ago.Many old school Metalheads remember this guys with his dokken shirts etc. If only all you new kiddies knew the truth about this fake,shows how Metal fans these days are idiots.


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