Friday, October 21, 2011

Thrashline: Exhorder gone?, new Smash Potater, Speedboozer and more!

There will be no Weekend Breakdown post this time around, but in this week's Thrashline bits of thrash news, there is plenty of kick ass new music to check out. Let's get to it!

If you're like me, you shrugged your shoulders in disappointment after reading the news that vocalist Kyle Thomas and guitarist Jay Ceravolo quit Exhorder, seemingly killing off the band for good.

I guess it was just not meant to happen for these guys. I have been waiting with my hands wringing in mouth-slobbery excitement over the upcoming new Exhorder album. Well, poop.

I can only imagine that they have demoed some new material, no? If so, I wouldn't cry if it were released, even in raw form.

As for the future, I am interested to see if Kyle and Jay decide to continue on another project together. I hope the music is mean as hell.

Nuclear Torment have taken their creative blood, sweat and time to create a killer EP titled 8 BIT DEATH and have blessed the metal-loving public by offering it as a FREE freaking' download!

The music is bad ass speedy thrash and you would be doing yourself a disservice by not packing 8 BIT DEATH into your music lists. Your MP3 player will thank you.

Speaking of free thrash, go check out Sabretung immediately and download their full length album Conquest. These Australian thrashers come up with some killer riffs and satisfying song structures that kick them up a notch above most up and coming thrash bands. There is so much good riffage on Sabretung's 9 song release that it's hard to pick a favorite (although The Thing and Eliminate the Weak come to mind). Check it out, bang your head, hit them up on Facebook and tell 'em how much you love 'em.


Our favorite Illinois super heroes Smash Potater has teamed up with thrash brothers-in-arms Attack Imminent and released a split titled Horrific Halloween Double Creature Feature. Own this piece of underground history for a measly $5! Go here…now!


As I write this, Alcoholator's new album Coma is streaming in its entirety. Get your dose of alcohol-fueled insanity here. If you like what you hear, the hard copy should be available through EBM Records soon.


Ireland thrashers Heresy will be changing their name to Animator. A new website and new songs will launch on November 11th. Check out the tune False Flag Attack from their Open Your Eyes album here.

By the way - Thanks to Eoin Clarke for tipping me off on these guys. You rock, man!

Daniel Jackson filmed a video for the new Thrash Or Die song Street Trash. Any splatter fans out there remember the 80s horror flick this song is based on? I still remember the disgustingly awesome pics in an old issue of Fangoria. Ah, the memories.

Anyway, wake up and smell the thrash and check out the vid for Street Trash below!


Are you a fan of Stephen King's IT? Of course you are! So you owe it to yourself to check out Windsor, CA's clowncore giants IT. Listen to Pennywise come to life here!

Guitarist Alonso Maguino has parted ways with NY's Legionary. As I write this, The band is looking for a tight as hell death/thrash player who can fill in the newly vacant spot. If you're interested, check out their Facebook page for info. If you're not interested, go there anyway, like their page and listen to their bad ass tunes!

U.S. thrash/punk band Speedboozer released a rough mix of their song Gunned Down, a pissed off raw slab of punk-infused metal! Man, I can't wait to hear the rest of the upcoming album! Check this vid stream below.

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