Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Breakdown: ParaBellum, Fatal Band, 18 Wheels of Justice

It's been a couple weeks since the last installment of the Weekend Breakdown. Like you, I need my metal fix of new and upcoming bands, but peering into the dark crevices of the World Wide Web to find them takes time.

Well I've been short on time. Sucks.

In fact, I know that it will be at least two more weeks until the next Weekend Breakdown, but bear with me. We'll get through this together.

So let me roll out a few bands that have caught my ear so we may raise each of their metal torches to light our way until the next time we meet.

That was cheesy. Anyway...

First let's cross paths with Bodmin, UK's PARABELLUM who thought they could sneak under the radar by posting one lousy song. WRONG!

In fact, their song Caged is far from lousy, and if it any indication of what is to come, then ParaBellum will have a solid first release on their hands. These guys thrash with a mix of old-school Big Four love peppered with a hint of Evile for new school flavoring.

Although Caged is not overly complex (not that it needs to be) nor are the solos very memorable, it has some killer pit-worthy moments and the vocals are good, making me more than interested in hearing more from ParaBellum. They have established a solid foundation as a killer thrash band and my hope is that they continue to grow and kick all of our asses.

I'll be watching!

Listen below to Caged and then check them out on Facebook!

Fatal Band
I don't know how to describe Moscow's FATAL BAND except that their brand of…uh…death/grind/prog/thrash is mind blowingly hypnotizing. No, Fatal Band are not for everyone, and their music is not something I can simply jam out to, but the complexity and layers of insanity are freaking fun with which to batter in one's brains.

It's as if the band Death and Mr. Bungle had a cocaine baby, albeit a well disciplined cocaine baby (Fatal Band are intricate and articulate as hell in their songwriting).

Give 'em a shot below and if it suits your tastes, hit Fatal Band up on Facebook. You owe it to your inner-heterogeneous musical tastes that you didn't know existed.

18 Wheels of Justice
Finally I offer you a modern mass of speed, groove, riff-rock and downright evil-sounding crunch that makes up the whole of 18 WHEELS OF JUSTICE. My God do these guys rock! They are far from traditional, but they use old-school techniques of speed-to-mid tempo dynamics to get the neck snapping. The riffs are fat as hell, ranging from pummeling gallops to groovy riff-rock as if Slash would join Clutch and write Slayer riffs. If it's heavy, 18 Wheels of Justice has it in their songwriting arsenal.

Check out their available streaming songs below and after you get back up off the floor, check them out here.

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