Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Thrash/Death Metal Name Creation Chart

I know someone had to do something similar to this, but I had the idea and just ran with it. Heck, it might not even work, but try it out anyway.

I created a Thrash/Death Metal Band Name Creation Chart. The chart is simple to use.

From the first list, mix and match between one and three given choices. Now keep in mind that not all choices from the first list can link up together - you'll need to use a bit of common sense when choosing.

After, you will choose an appropriate ending to your band name from the second list.


Let me know if you come up with anything interesting.

Examples: Nuclear Hellergy! Warination! Bioserrectercide!

You can download a high-res pdf of the chart here.

Oopsie. It looks like one is unable to create the following words: Holocaust, Zombie, and Toxic. That is ridiculous. Without those three thrash staples, this chart is a fail. I'm sure there are others I am missing, but damn, those three hurt. Once I gather other important omissions, I'll eventually get around to updating the chart.


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