Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thrash bands you need to hear

In a killer blend of death/thrash, northen Sweden's Plector cooks up tunes full of brutal gallops and crushing grooves. I love this stuff, but since I am a noob to their music, I missed both times they toured here in the states. Boo.

Check out their video for Spiteful Love and then check 'em out here.

Shrapnel out of Norwich - "the most complete medieval city in Britain" - plays thrash that is simply so freaking GOOD. Their music is neckbreaking, necksnapping, neckstomping, and anything else that could put a painful damper on turning your head the morning after experiencing Shrapnel's assault.

I love the first sentence of their bio which reads, "Forget revivals. Forget reunions. There is only now. There is only THRASH."

These guys bleed metal into every riff, drum roll and scowl. Listen to their tune Eternal War and try not to kick your furniture over when the chorus hits. After, check them out here.

If you want old-school, Bacalou plays it to perfection. After receiving a link from the Johnson City, TN band, I checked them out and instantly became a fan. Bacalou cranks out straight-forward thrash, aptly played, with cool lyrics and killer solos.

For those of you who complain that every new thrash band should find a way to reinvent the wheel can cry elsewhere. Those who want to thrash and destroy, suit up and slam to Bacalou!

Listen to the tracks Shock Therapy and Panic and then check them out here.

Speaking of old-school, check out Abserdo, a crossover band from Philly. Abserdo offers high energy insanity for those into Cryptic Slaughter and old D.R.I., but with enough metal influence to appeal to most other thrash hounds.

I am impressed with the various sounds Abserdo plays with to construct their tunes. From grind to punk to thrash to slow metal riffage with soulful solos(!!), these guys are politically charged and noisy, but with tight musicianship to back it up. You definitely have to listen to more than one song to hear everything they have to offer. Check out Abserdo here.

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  1. PLease check this shit out. Another thrash metal band. Grabted we do have quite a bit of other influense as you can tell. But give us a listen you wont be disappointed.!/oneofthefallenmusic


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