Monday, May 30, 2011

More thrash to check out! Bio-Cancer and RedMist Destruction

I've been away for a while and I hate going this long without posting thrash bits and pieces. However, in my relatively short vacation from blogging, I've been looking and finding a ton of killer thrash.

The next few posts will feature some of these bands. You may not like all of them, but there is a wide variety of goodies to sample, so I'm sure something will appeal to you.

First up is a band whose songs I cannot get out of my freaking head.

You know a band completely kicks ass when their music can cause instant whiplash upon a first hearing. Greece's own Bio-Cancer are masters of using dynamics to bring their razor-like riffs to life. One minute, the guitars and drums fly in a fury of thrash madness, and then they tighten it up to a solid foot-stomping mid-paced masterslam. MAN, this is fun stuff!

The more I listen to Bio-Cancer's three available songs (Ear Piercing Thrash, Backstabbed Again, and Get Cancered…Now!), the more I hear a formulaic structure that totally works in their favor. Bands such as Obituary, Pro-Pain, Jungle Rot, and Toxic Holocaust have signature sounds that when you hear one of their songs, you KNOW who it is. Bio-Cancer has that kind of potential.

With the mad abandon of early Kreator and Vio-lence anchored with mid-paced dynamics, Bio-Cancer creates some awesome pit-inducing thrash.

Listen to Backstabbed Again and then check out their stuff here.

Dirty, grimy and mean as a hungry dog, RedMist Destruction thunders out of your speakers like a brass knuckles-weilding biker. This group from Barnsley, UK play tunes meant to cause action, with songs such as The Coroner and Reanimator that expect nothing less than full participation in the mosh pit.

Songs like Hell Capitàn offer blistering raw crossover with a few added nods to both Bay Area and German thrash.

You can seriously feel the exhausted crowd sweat pouring off each tune, complete with the images of a cramped, hot pub, thrashing out to a band out to hammer in a few skulls.

Watch their video and then check RMD out here.

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