Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mantic LICHual!

Confirmed by the Lichmaster Tom Martin: The fill-in guitarist and bassist for Lich King's upcoming US tour are Jeff Potts and Ben Mottsman from Mantic Ritual!

I predicted the spots would be filled by the dudes from Diamond Plate, but I guess I have to be wrong at least a couple times in my life.

Anyway, as a fan of Mantic Ritual, Tom's announcement is killer news...no, actually it's bittersweet news. I am definitely happy for Lich King, BUT the tour is a limited one, sticking mainly to the east coast. The closest the tour will come to me is St. Louis, but that is still quite a trek from Kansas City.

Still, I wish the guys good luck on their summer tour. Maybe we'll get a live Lich King album out of this venture (?).


  1. I just want the Black Metal Sucks shirt haha.

  2. Yeah, man, that is a cool looking shirt! :D


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