Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bonded By Blood round 3

So here I wrote about a rumor regarding Bonded By Blood guitarist Alex Lee leaving the band. Then I wrote a post with the news that Alex was not leaving, as well as offering all of you my heartfelt apology for taking part in rumor-talk.

However, the rumor mill kept a-turning, especially over at Thrash Unlimited, about Alex's departure. I wrote Dan from New World Horror to find out if all this mess was true. As you may or may not know, N.W.H. is playing with BBB on April 17th, so I figure it would be easy for Dan to get the info.

He wrote me back the same day, confirming the worst (and getting the info sooner than expected). THEN I read about it over at BW&BK.

So, I take back my stupid apology.

As everyone probably knows by now, Alex as well as bassist Jerry Garcia are both leaving BBB. I won't echo the band's statement, but you can read about it here.

I'm interested in the future of BBB and how they are going to rise from this. According to their statement, it appears that they really want to forge ahead, so I wish them success when they find permanent members.

Also, a hearty good luck to Alex and Jerry.

As for me - I'm gonna go eat a bowl of cereal.


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