Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Impalers - A Necessary Evil

Although I have heard of the band Impalers, I had not heard a note of their music until recently.

Such an oversight was my mistake, and since I am always on the lookout for killer new thrash bands (of course), I should have at least clicked on Impalers' MySpace page. Right?

I get lazy, okay?

So, as I burned through a recently obtained promo copy of Impalers new demo release titled A Necessary Evil, I let out an audible "Hell, yeah!"

Galloping riffs, tight drums and well-orchestrated solos are abundant, highlighted by a clear and professional recording. Not that a professional sounding recording is the be-all end-all (because even a turd can be served on a silver platter), but these guys can THRASH, and when it sound this good, then it's all the better.

Although Impalers well-oiled teutonic-inspired thrash seems to keep the foot firmly on the pedal, with only the occasional mid-tempo riff to allow you to exhale, the listener is offered enough dynamics to keep the music fresh.

One aspect that keeps Impalers music a step above the rest is the use of the guitar solos. During the solo section, most bands use the standard main riff under a barrage of speed pick wankery. While that is all fine and dandy in some cases, it's good to hear a solo integrated into the music to blend with the peaks and valleys of a song's dynamics - not unlike what Megadeth or even Cellador does.

The four songs on A Necessary Evil go by fast and furious, offering a taste of brutality that makes it easy to click the replay button.

Check them out here. Buy their demo here.

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