Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lich King RULES!

Why I have not yet dedicated a post to the mighty Lich King is an idiot move on me.

Lichmaster Tom Martin may write about monsters, violence, and silliness, but the music itself is far from flippant. Mosh-worthy rhythms are aplenty, and even the angriest grand poobah of the pissed-off thrash brigade can't help but give a horns up, even in the face of a few lyrics that plant the tongue firmly in cheek.

Tom's consistent bragging about Lich King (examples: "I'd rather listen!" "The best damn thrash band ever, ever." "What's not news at all is that we rule.") shows a light-hearted and fun approach to some serious thrash metal.

Check the riffs in A Storm of Swords from their World Gone Dead album. Grinding. Stomping. Killer!

Check out Lich King here and here.

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