Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Help a Lich King out

Since my last post, I've been all Lich Kingy. I mean, it's hard not to like this band, not that I wouldn't want to. Not like the band. I wouldn't want to not like the band. Um...?


Since my blog is steered toward the topic of King Liches, I may as well act as an echo chamber and remind everyone that the band is raising funds for a new van.

Until the end of April, if we scratch Lich King's back with some dough, they will scratch ours with cheap music downloads and other cool trinkets, including stickers, signed CDs, buttons, shirts, etc.

The harder you scratch, the more scratch you get, you dig? A donation as little as $5 gets you a download code for a Lich King album. Five bucks!

However, instead of me going on and on, check out the informative video narrated by the King himself.

So if you want to help get Lich King on the road this summer, go here and fork over a generous donation.


  1. Well, now that you made the funds, I expect a Kansas City gig in the future! :)


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