Monday, February 28, 2011

Is Alex leaving Bonded By Blood??

Chalk this up to the rumor mill, but there is talk among the natives here and here that Alex Lee is leaving Bonded By Blood.

If this is true, Alex will be the third original member to leave the Pomona thrash group, which is a bummer, man.

I hope this is all b.s., because although Exiled to Earth is still a rather fresh offering, I am ready to hear what new vocalist Mauro Gonzales will bring to a new BBB record. Not that they couldn't find a new guitarist but such a move will definitely change the sound of the band, and I already love their music as is.

I guess I shouldn't worry too much. Bands such as Testament and Overkill have lost key members in the past and still churned out killer slabs of metal. Right? Right.

If the rumors turn out to be false, I'll breath a sigh of relief and sit my butt down and apologize on this blog for contributing to rumor-talk.

If it's true, then...well, crappy.

1 comment:

  1. Its true old man. He joined holy grail. Check it out its on Alex Lee's youtube page. That band just perhaps lost it's thrash taste man. Now its up to jj to be epic.


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