Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who is EVOL (USA) and what happened to them?

I'll admit that I haven't heard of these guys until tonight. I found out about EVOL while surfing for Italian thrash metal on YouTube.

Well, they aren't from Italy - they are from Santa Monica, but I am glad that YouTube offered EVOL's tunes up for me to experience. Fate is cool in that way.

So other than a quick view on a EVOL fan page on MySpace and the limited amount of info at the Metal Archives, I know both diddly and squat about this band.

But I love what I have heard, and here's hoping that this post will create some weird stir in the universe and direct a bit more attention toward these guys. Sure they broke up nearly 20 years ago (!!!), but with the resurgence of thrash (you know, since it's so "trendy"), young fans will be looking for the hardcore goodies of yore.


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