Friday, March 18, 2011

National Suicide ROCKS!

I don't now what it is about Italian thrash, but recently I seem to find more and more that simply crushes.

Bands such as Injury, Game Over, and Alcoholizer are killer and worth a look for any thrash fan. One of my faves is National Suicide.

One listen to their tune Please Welcome...My Friends and you'll know why they richly deserve a ROCKS! post. National Suicide have mastered creating the catchy headbangable riff. These riffs take what would be a typical good thrash tune and elevate it to something memorable.

Comparisons are inevitable between vocalist Stefano Mini and good ol' Bobby Blitz, but that's okay. Mini has a great set of pipes that fit perfectly for the brand of thrash N.S. is pumping out.

Give it a listen.

Check them out here.

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