Thursday, March 10, 2011

To call new thrash "trendy" is laughable

When people out in cyberland keep insisting that the latest resurgence of thrash bands is a "trend," I want to roll my eyes and laugh.

Actually, I do roll my eyes and laugh. Why?

Because thrash metal today can NOT be trendy. Again - why?

Because for something to be trendy, by definition, it would need that bandwagon to be moving along, gathering up those who want to be a part of the next cool thing, whether it is a personal phase for those riding along or not.

Let me tell ya - ain't no thrash bandwagon. First of all, I seriously don't know anyone - anyone - who is into thrash as a trendy thing to be into. You either get into the music or you freaking hate it. People I know who do not like thrash metal would rather stick knitting needles into their eyes before loading up their iPod with Municipal Waste or Warbringer. This is not pop music.

Sure there are those who hate thrash when they first hear it, but then come around. I was like that back in the 80s. But once someone comes around and finds they have a taste for thrash, they are caught in the net and are fans for life, trends be damned.

Again, this is not pop music, or mainstream radio fodder used as a relaxing drive aid for the average commuter. As nice as it would be to hear Demolition Hammer sandwiched between Aerosmith and Disturbed on rock radio, it is never gonna happen.

Another strike against trendy thrash is that there is not a lot of money to be made for playing in an underground thrash band. If someone if playing in a thrash band, it is because they are fans of the music. Touring in cramped vans and playing small clubs for little money is not a trend-setting lifestyle. Thrash bands do it out of love and passion.

Saying it is trendy for someone to play thrash metal is like saying it is trendy to play Dungeons & Dragons. If you like it, you play it, but why in the hell would you play if you hated it? Especially if there is zero benefit to you? I mean, who gets "cool points" by those outside the fan circle of interest for playing thrash metal (or D&D)?

To call new thrash "trendy" is laughable. Until I hear an Avenger of Blood song in a Gatorade commercial, or until I see thousands of Teen Beat Magazine subscribers loving the current Demiricous single, only to later leave it in the dust for Lady Gaga's new album, then to view new thrash as "trendy" is ridiculous.

To Be Continued...

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  1. I love this article,I really do.It explains a lot of valid points as to why thrash metal is so great,and not a product of todays advertisement schemes.How can thrash be a trend if its been around for almost 3 decades(correct me if I'm wrong on the years)? Trends die out within months sometimes but rarely years.Thrash will never die,but all the corporate fame-hungry bands will soon find their grave amidst their greed and vanity.


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