Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rising Dark ROCKS!

AH! More Italian metal! What is in the water over in Italy to produce so much good METAL? I've mentioned many great Italian thrash bands here before, and here I go again.

From Ravenna we have Rising Dark, a traditional thrash band that sounds a bit like a stripped down Testament. Even vocalist Michael Crimson reminds me of a young Chuck Billy, complete with Billy-esque vocal patterns.

Mind you, this is all based off hearing one song titled This is War, and thanks to Reverbnation, you all can check out the straight-forward headbanging riffs, seamless song structure, and enough grit to the song that it makes you hungry for more. Rising Dark need to post more songs!

Meanwhile, check out the tune and then check out the band here.


  1. yeah man! I'm Stanley, the lead guitarist of Rising Dark. Thanks for your post. Actually we haven't post the other songs because our first album will be released soon.
    But i will give you some live videos on youtube. Check this out and thanks for your support! Stay metal bro!

  2. Hey! It's great to hear that you have a full length release coming soon. If your other songs are even half as good as This Is War, then your album is going to destroy!



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