Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vindicator changes and future

Ohio thrashers Vidicator posted at Thrash Unlimited about all the changes within their camp. Instead of giving you the lowdown, I'll take the easy way out and copy/paste.

"We have a revamped logo courtesy of our good friend Tom Martin of Lich King. We're very happy with what Tom did and encourage all bands to hit him up if in need of logo design and or adjustment.

New material is in the works. The band has entered the pre-production phase. Of course it retains our sound, but expect a more brutal, unforgiving, Vindicator.

I've been saving the best for last! We have a full, new, robust line up that we're very, very, excited to take on the world with. Filling the void in our lead guitar slot is ex-White Wizzard/ex-Holy Grail axe slinger, James J. LaRue. We're very excited to have James' talents aboard! Filling our vacant bass spot is Lick The Blade bass phenom, Mike Kurtz! Give the new family members a warm TU welcome! I'll be taking over lead vocals (while still playing rhythm) and Jesse will remain on drums... still being awesome.

We have some awesome confirmed festival appearances including: Slaughter By The Water 2, Thrashaggedon 3, and Warriors Of Metal Open Air 4, including awesome touring and awesome local shows. In addition to all this awesomeness, we're slated for an awesome video shoot in Los Angeles this summer!"

So there you have it. I know that line-up changes freak people out. Consider what happened to the band (fill in the blank of a band who changed members and sucked thereafter).

However, not all bands go to crap when they change members. Remember (fill in the blank of a band that changed members and were super-awesome thereafter)? So don't worry. I'll take their word that we can expect "a more brutal, unforgiving, Vindicator."

Check out their MySpace here.

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