Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekend Breakdown of FREE music with Vital Gore and Hollow Truth!

For fans of pure, drunken, dirty, and mean as sh*t thrash metal, look no further than the Texas monsters known as VITAL GORE.

Contrary to what the name suggests, Vital Gore are not death metal, although you could add hints of early death into their influences as well as various sounds from the punk/crossover and Slayer camps. Vital Gore hammers it all together well, in a mass of aggressively raw metal.

Songs such as The Locust, Beerinator, and Womb are searing pieces of pissed-off thrash. To find the more swaggering Slayer influences, check out the kick-ass insanity of Wait For Death.

Maybe you've heard all this stuff before, but when it's done with an obvious hunger and topped with killer riffs, their tunes become a killer fist-pumping time killer.

With each additional listen to their demo (appropriately titled "Demo") I become a bigger and bigger fan of Vital Gore. You can, too, because these Texas madmen are offering up Demo as a free download! Listen to it below and then snake it here. Hey, Vital Gore has a Facebook page!

Ireland's crossover metallers HOLLOW TRUTH lean way more on the hardcore side, but there is plenty of thrash influence injected into the music as well.

Yes, many grooves and breakdowns are to be found throughout, but a big bonus that separates Hollow Truth from other Hatebreed clones is the Mike Muir-esque vocals used instead of the typical gruff quasi-death barkings normally iced over these types of tunes.

While they are not reinventing much, nor do they need to, but Hollow Truth does indeed include some ear-catching arrangements, particularly in the song Terrible Winds. Personally, I'd like to hear these guys go balls-out fast on a few tracks to keep the dynamics flowing from song to song, but that is only a minor beef.

If your down for some face-stomping heaviness, check out the goods below and then download them here for FREE! Afterward, go pay Hollow Truth a visit here.

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