Sunday, December 2, 2012

Solanum ROCKS!

I just came across these dudes and had to throw together a quick post to give California's SOLANUM a big, fat thumbs up! Or horns up.

Here we have killer German and Bay Area influences mashed together for an all-out thrash onslaught that should be written out in book form and studied on ways to sonically kick someone's ass.

Solanum offer up the frenzied assault of our classic Teutonic faves while incorporating the juicy mid-sections of Bay Area-style aggressive riffage and melodic solos.

As of this writing, Solanum only have five demo-quality songs available. If one can hear the bad-assery of their songs through these recordings, I can't imagine how epic their music will sound through the dials of a pro recording. I hope it happens soon!

Meanwhile, check out what they have to offer below and then bump up their "Likes" on Facebook and Reverbnation.


  1. Solanum slays live. Their performances bring back the true heart and savagery of thrash metal. Highly recommend this band.

  2. Yeah, its a fun set to pit to. But they're dicks for not letting us download songs :)


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