Saturday, December 22, 2012

Have a thrashy Christmas with a FREE album download from Mastery!

Ontario metal men MASTERY are offering up a kick-ass Christmas present for fans of tight, technical, blistering thrash metal!

Their new album "In the Key of Kill", featuring the legendary Billy Milano on vocals, is now available on the band's Bandcamp page as a FREE download!

Mighty neighborly of these guys to do this because In the Key of Kill is a killer wall of sound of neck-breaking riffs, precise rhythms, and shredding guitars. The work these musicians accomplish together is at times awe-inspiring.

Leading the vocal charge, Milano belts out his part in a delivery that edges into death metal territory.

Highlights on this album? There are many, but I really dig The High and Mighty and We Slaughter the Shepherds as there is a bit of a Testament quality to them that I find more than appealing.

Check out the album below, download it here, and go thank them on their Facebook page.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  \m/

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