Friday, December 21, 2012

Electric Vengeance: Street Metal Attack

I've been following Electric Vengeance for a while now, enjoying their turn at churning out raw punk/thrash with humorous overtones. Those antics continue with their new EP titled Street Metal Attack.

Whether it was intended or not, the opening track Keep it Electric is a bonafide punk-feuled homage to Metallica's Kill 'Em All, complete with classic chugging riffs and Phantom Lord-ish, reverbed-out vocal attack.

Catchy and dynamic, Keep it Electric is key, along with a few choice elements found in the following three tracks, to draw more eyes toward Electric Vengeance.

In fact, the opening song almost killed the rest of the EP for me. Not that the other songs are bad, but initially the other three tracks didn't hold up to the tone set by Keep it Electric. HOWEVER…

…upon further listening, the others definitely grew on me, including the title track Street Metal Attack, highlighting an east coast flavor with a heavy dose of pure heavy metal in the solo section.

Regarding the aforementioned "choice elements", Electric Vengeance's use of traditional heavy/power metal with their punk-laden thrash gives them a killer edge over other dime-a-dozen crossover bands. Both songs Mosh With the Dead and Ouija at Witching Hour utilize this mix of styles well, never sounding forced and always knocking the song dynamics up a few notches. I love it!

Interested thrashers can hit Electric Vengeance up here.

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