Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Legionary - Arcane Divisions

Arcane Divisions

Since I found out about Legionary last summer, I have been keeping my eye on these NewYork forgers of storming death metal.

As I mentioned before, those into early Florida death metal and late 80s thrash will find much to embrace with Legionary's music.

With their debut album Arcane Divisions, my opinion has not changed a bit. The band has created a death metal album packed with diverse influences, tightly executed and well produced.

Along with the blast beats and mind-tempo chugging, the listener is treated to passages of stellar arrangements of melodic epic freaking METAL.

These melodic matchings with the more brutal elements add the much needed dynamics to keep the music moving, interesting, and…well, HUGE. In fact, much of the riffing and solos found in songs such as Questions Left Unanswered, Absolute Supremacy, and Embracing Trauma would feel at home on a competently played and thoroughly bad-ass power metal album.

So Legionary is a Power Deathrash band? Sure, whatever, but (now former) vocalist Tim Rocheny keeps the sound on Arcane Divisions strictly in the grave. Rocheny may not be a power metal vocalist, but that doesn't mean he lacks power. So-called "Cookie Monster" vocalists might be a dime a dozen to some metal fans, but like any other vocalists - be it pop, blues, thrash, or country - there are those who perform poorly and Rocheny is not one of them. His vocal styling did Legionary's music justice.

I have to give props to drummer Frank D'Erasmo. Not only is he a sure-fire machine on the kit, he is also the head songwriter. Thankfully he found a team of players who could communicate what he meticulously pieced together for the debut album. If this is his passion, let's hope that passion burns for a long time to come.

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