Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Breakdown: Arkayic Revolt, Nekrofeist, and Massive Assault

These Canadian beasts have been hammering out melodic thrash since 2008. Drawing influences from all over the thrash map, from Testament to Kreator to Pantera, the songs Arkayic Revolt construct are heavy, fast, passionate, and completely well-rounded.

Songs such as Blood Will Follow Blood and Tread the Blade are scorching monsters that could absolutely be contenders as modern thrash classics. For lessons in killer riffage, check out the insanity of Maniacal Infestation.

Their new song Innocence Has Died is a catchy melodic metal number that sounds like Arkayic Revolt's take on Ritual-era Testament. Stunningly well done.

Check out their tunes and if you like them, give them a Like here.

These Australian metal heads jam out with some thrash-influenced groove metal. With a set of clear, yet aggressive, vocals and straight-forward hard rock riffing, I could imagine some of their tunes (such as Choke and Destroyed) played on metal/rock radio. That is not a "tr00 metal" dig on the band as it is a testament to Nekrofeist's ability to construct some well-written metal tunes.

Songs such as Government Ruins brings the thrash influence to the forefront, jamming killer galloping guitar work mixed with grooving Trouble-esque riffs. This song crushes!

Listen below and then keep up with Nekrofeist here.

Holy crap! You want HEAVY as HELL death METAL? Of course! From the Netherlands, Massive Assault takes the shell of early Swedish death metal and injects a heaviness into it that is frighteningly bad-ass.

When listening to their songs, the influences are undeniable, and although many great bands have followed suit in this sound, Massive Assault are definitely their own animal and are far from tired-sounding. This is world-leveling death metal, churned out with a full fist-swing of blood-drawing conviction. That's right.

If you have any love for what old-school death metal is all about, freakin' listen to Massive Assault now! Below is a giant list of songs to dive right into...

...and then, you know, check them out on Facebook. Yeah!

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